About Us

Our world as we know it is getting smaller, distances shorter and countries closer to each other with the advent of high-end digital communication technologies. Communications are increasingly affordable and reliable, thus making us effectively interconnected to each other across different parts of our globe.

Realizing, accepting and having understood deeply the nature of present day globalized economy, Interact Software Consultancy since its inception in 1994 has been actively involved in providing state of the art and diversified software services to various companies that form a part of its impressive client list. Our software’s are extremely user friendly and are developed using a very attractive graphical user interface (GUI).

Doing business with InterAct Software Consultancy results in tremendous advantage to its clients in terms of efficient business management and thus effective cost reduction.

The company's prime motto is to provide all its clients the most economic & suitable software / web solutions without compromising on the quality of service. Our commitment to all our clients is uncompromising and of high standards.

We offer our expert software services to many different industries, such as finance, transportation, retail, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and Insurance, Medical services, etc. . Our clients include small, medium and large scale companies.

Finally once again we wish to assure all our present and future customers that the quality standards of our services would always be at par with the prevailing high industry standards.